Friday, September 17, 2010

Old Oak Tree

thrifted skirt, bikini top and bow, little boy's Converse shoes and Girl Props earrings

Yet another batch from the desert shoot..
Here's another example of my extremely schizophrenic styling. I found this wonderfully floral, perfectly fitting bikini top that I have been wearing a lot of lately. I paired it with Harem pants, a cropped blazer and high heel military boots the other day and someone told me I reminded them of Selena in her bustiers. Love that comparison- Selena is my girl!

I really enjoyed pairing it this time with this vintage high-waisted, acid wash jean skirt and these random army themed boy's boots I got a year ago. Along with the scarf bow and door knocker earrings I feel like it clashes so much that it almost doesn't work, but somehow it does. People always tell me that I can wear anything, but I really can't. It's all about having confidence and working it.

You can wear anyyything, just be fierce with it and no one can tell you otherwise!

Stay happy, peaceful and smiling. You're so blessed to be on this earth
in the comfort of your home. Don't take your life for granted.
We're all precious.


who can dress our asses off!

All my love

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Creepy Deepy Christian Bale

Photos by Ed Thomas

DIY Batman crop top and skirt from Goodwill, F21 earrings and glasses, Guess boots

I was feeling a little Bruce WAYNE.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

G-MA'S muu muu

what gnarly stiches, right?

Hey guys! Sorry it's been soo long.. I've been back in Cali for a couple weeks now but haven't had internet or time to do any more shoots! I moved apartments and just finished auditioning for the upcoming season..thankfully, I was able to do a shoot last week with the lovely Ed Thomas and here is the first set!

Vinage boots and modified muu muu from Grandma's closet

I found this dress the day before I left for LA in my Grandma's closet (where i find the BEST things). When i showed it to my dad in it's original state, he thought it was disgusting and had no idea why I picked it out.. Moments later after I cut and snipped to my hearts content he was astonished! I had actually taken a seemingly unattractive piece of clothing and made it wearable. I'm shocked he actually doubted me.

Thanks Ed for the fun time!