Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lake Titicaca- Copacabana- Isla del Sol

The bus from La Paz to Copacabana had to cross Lake Titicaca before it arrived. It went on a tiny little boat that looked like it could barely make it while the passengers took a seperate boat across.

Boat from Copa to Isla del Sol

Ferry stopped at Challapampa, the more popular part of the North side while we stayed in Challa, 45 mins walk west.

We hiked all over the island. There are no cars or roads because the whole island is mountains.

Walking from Challa to Yumani (approx 1.5 hrs)

Isla de la Luna

Ruins in Yumani

Back at base camp..

Carl, Djaya and Remy from Quebec

Meghan and Cameron from Seattle

Going to the Sacred Rock with the Aymaras

Donna and I


Dogs bark at piggies

Ceremony with the Aymaras at the rock circle

Cielo, the hostal owners' child

Then we had to walk to an even MORE remote part of the island. This is the Army camp where the President and 10,000 Bolivians would come on Dec 21st. We didn't know the path, so we had to climb the biggest mountain on the island directly to the other side.

one of the most sacred mountains on the island

Bolivian Army camp

Building a geodesic dome with the Bolivian Army

Back in Copa. . .

 There are 2 cafeterías right next to each other in Copa. One has api- this purple quinoa drink, and other breakfast items like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sandwiches, etc. They also sell picarones which are delish.

The other is more for lunch and dinner- trout, chicken, the usual.

The trout was DELISH. Only 18 Bolivianos which is 2.57 USD. Comes with potatoes, rice and salad. yeah.

Festival Organizer, Forrest, making music.

Copa at night.