Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mercado Huancaro y Hospidaje Magico

After I told Luz I might have to move about because I found a place for a lot cheaper, she cut me a deal. I can stay here for very little if I cook for myself and buy my own gas for the stove. Good thing, gas is only 35 soles and it can last up to 2 months, maybe more, and food at the market is really cheap as well. I got 2 large heads of cauliflower and broccoli, a liter or more of yogurt, 1/2 a kilo of kiwis, a kilo of red oranges that taste more like grapefruit and a clove of garlic for under 10 soles. Dayum.

Cuy... Poor Kufu...


Bread babies 
Fresh organic juice

They were killing the chickens before our eyes


After the market I went to Aldea Yanapay's hostel to read the volunteer folder they suggested we check out. I'm glad I did because there are a lot of moving parts to this school and the volunteers have a lot of responsibility. I have to return tomorrow to see what section I'll be teaching or facilitating and what 'family' I'm with. I really am excited to be a part of this project. Their mission and motivations are really in line with how I desire to interact with the world. 

Their hostal is called Hospidaje Magico

Hair inspired by Gwenyth Paltrow in Sylvia
Time to go home...

 Now, knitting time!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Aldea Yanapay

Today I went to Aldea Yanapay's weekly volunteer meeting after receiving an invitation from the volunteer coordinator. It was in a restaurant in San Blas that is a less intense version of Baltimore's Paper Moon (next time when I'm not there for work purposes I'll snap a few photos). All of it's profits go to Aldea Yanapay. The cool thing about this company is that they have a hostel and a restaurant that fund the free services for the kids. The volunteer coordinator was telling us how a lot of the kids comes from abusive families, some have drug addicted parents and so forth. He basically laid down the rules of engagement, the history of Aldea Yanapay and the schedule. This non-profit has been around for 8 years, which is a long time for a non-profit to last in Peru. I'll be expected to have 2 hours worth of activities planned for the kids which I'm excited for! 
Actor friends- feel free to comment on your favorite theater games when you were a kid, or ones you think kids would enjoy! So far I'm certain we'll play zip zap zop, the wind blows, this is a spoon, and maybe freeze. But I'm so open to suggestions!
The volunteer coordinators invited us to come see the kids show which was Halloween themed this week. So I got some food and headed back home. .  partly because they told me I should dress up, but really I was eager to return to my knitting. It's so much fun. I'm glad I finally got the hang of it.

Here are some photos from my walk to the bus stop

After resting a bit, I went out again to visit Aldea Yanapay's Halloween fiesta. I got there really early so I ended up helping hang decorations and setting up for the party. I met a nice girl from Canada and her aunt who are also thinking about volunteering. All the volunteers seem really cool. Young travelers mostly, like myself. Every friday they have a party / buffet in the restaurant and hang out.
I'm really quite shy when I first meet people. I'd love to get over that.

Joel, Luz's nephew who I went out with last weekend, invited me out again tonight but I'm such an old lady. I told him I was too tired to go out and I had to go to the Farmer's Market at 6am con his abuela. I'm going to start cooking for myself this week!

Currently watching Steve McQueen's Shame and knitting.
This is what a good time looks like.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating Home

Though I generally don't tend to miss people that much, sometimes you just want a hug from someone familiar. That's why it's so important to create sacred space for yourself. I tend to be very floaty and ungrounded, going where the wind takes me. I always have to take a moment to see what it is I truly want instead of just going with what's available and actively make that choice. Over time, it gets easier, but having a few grounding reminders and sacred objects given to you by those who care about you and love you can sometimes make all the difference.

From Mom- Lavender pouch, my personal White Light, anaconda tooth necklace,
Ayahuasca patterned bag used as base, green Malachite, candle and base, florida water,
rose quartz, wooden music maker and and her childhood rosary. From D- Labradorite necklace.
 Buddha Rivas got me from Thailand. Turquoise heart Saxon brought back from China.
 Jesus/Mary portrait from Mary. Yarmulke from my Bat Mitzvah from Daddy. 

Currently reading...

A great shirt I got from the dharma closet at Insight Meditation Society. 

Sometimes you just need some Keenan and Kel!

Just finished my old journal, time to start this one :)

Al, the yoga teacher I've been seeing, asked me if I wanted to teach yoga classes at his studio. I reminded him that I don't have a certification or anything, but he thinks I can do it, is willing to train me and wants me to teach twice a day. He can't keep the schedule he used to (8am and 6pm M-F) because of his job as the manager of a restaurant/bar, but would like to. He'd split the profits with me 60 / 40 I get the 60. He again offered me the place, at 100 soles more than I'm getting here, but it has a spectacular rooftop, is in a great location / safe neighborhood in walking distance to everything, has a blender, coffee grinder, microwave and more. The drawbacks are that the room is smaller with less storage space, its 100 soles more and he's also a nervous, high strung guy that talks too much and kinda puts me on edge. I think I could work for him, but to live with him and have to deal with that energy all the time is a little much. I already felt myself getting short, and I don't want to be like that. Maybe I could ease into living there, if the job calls for it. He's also an American and I want to be as immersed as I can in the Spanish language.

In his neighborhood, I found this beautiful door.

Carved from wood, perfect symmetry, truly a piece of art.

Right now I'm learning how to knit and watching Roman Holiday. Audrey Hepburn makes me feel so happy.

Have a great day you all.
I love you.