Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day Two in Cusco

After a long delay waiting for Luz's cousin's sister in law to pick us up, we took a taxi (which only cost 3 soles. 1 sol = .39 cents)  to el centro to try and activate the phone I used in Uruguay.

After an unsuccessful first attempt we went to La Plaza del Armas, the true center of the city. We took a really cute cobble stone street to get there where there were children playing and women with baby llamas only 7 weeks old. I couldn't resist. I was a total tourist and posed with them and their adorble animals.

Click to enlarge

There are a LOT of babies, toddlers and children around. All so precious. . . .

 We were going to go to a bookstore so that I could get a phrase book and a Spanish-English dictionary, but when I saw Starbucks...I offered to buy Luz a drink. Of course.. right? Turns out that the view from the balcony of Starbucks is phenomenal. Plus the caffine gave me more confidence to talk more and try new Spanish words and phrases I'd learned.

Then, it was time to return home for lunch. Luz bought one of the llama hats for her dog, Peluche meaning fluffy. She was not amused, but managed to sit still for a picture.

Luz y Peluche
Luz's parents

When we returned to the city center in the evening to buy a new telephone and run some errands I got a six month phone plan for S 45 per month and there was a promotion going on so I got a really cute LG phone that has internet, TV and other fancy options for only S 9. Not even 4 dollars! I'm definitely not going to use any of those fancy features, but it's pretty incredible how inexpensive things are down here.  

We then revisited La Plaza del Armas which is stunning at night..

Indigenous peoples protesting terrorism outside the Cathedral

Next stop, la tienda de plastico. Yes, the plastic store. Perhaps we have these in the states as well, but if so I have never seen one. I was amazed at how many there were and how much each of them had to offer. And that they even exist. 

Most of the babies in Cusco are carried on their mothers backs in a makeshift baby sling made out of a piece of fabric. I love these babies. They all look so wise. 

Finally, we returned home for dinner where we found her parents watching Yo Soy! We watched this show last night at dinner as well. Contestants come on and try to impersonate famous singers. Most don't even hit the mark, and I know that American Idol and those other shows have similar audition episodes, but these episodes are two hours of contestants trying so earnestly to impress the harsh judges and to a foreigner who knows 1/100 of the singers, it's not that interesting. But regardless, it's fun pretending to be a judge with Luz. She is so sweet.

After dinner I promptly returned to my room so that I could make my Skype date with James. The best!
Only he would show me his dance theater choreography over Skype and teach me how to do it.. :)

 Another day in Cusco. As I was riding in the taxi, taking in my surroundings once again, the city began to feel more familiar. This morning and today it's really started to sink in that I'm going to be here for 5 months. Luz has offered to both help me find work, once I'm a little more confident in my Spanish, and set me up with the nearby Elementary school to see if I can volunteer by teaching Theater. Wow. What a blessing it is to have found Luz and her family who are so giving and kind. I thought I would just be sleeping and eating here, on my own mostly, but Luz told me that she always takes her guests around Cusco so that they can gain confidence to explore on their own. As a first time international lone traveler, I'm very appreciative. 

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