Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In a fortnight..

I will be on my way to Peru...

Shit's getting real.

But as my Mama says, a plan alleviates unnecessary worry. I'm prepared, I've planned, I'm ready. I just can't believe it's actually happening. If anything, I'm excited to get out of this country and stop seeing so many worried faces. I know it's out of love and caring concern, but do you need to frantically ask me, "Are you going with a program?! Do you have family there!? Do you know anyone there!? Do you have a job set up already!?"

I calmly reply, "No. No. No. No."

I got faith. As Grandaddy says, faith is the most important asset of all. If you got faith, it doesn't matter what the material circumstances around you look like. Because deep in your heart, you know the universe has got your back. We all have gone through hard times, trials and tribulations, but it's not about what circumstance might befall you, it's about how you handle it once you get there. And at the core of it, that's really what this trip is about. Faith. Getting out of this wonderful yet privileged, comfortable society. Expansion. Exploration. Growth. Presence. And becoming fluent in Spanish so that I become a bilingual actress and work with all of the wonderful directors and actors the Spanish-speaking world has to offer.

I know that I will most likely settle in the U.S. for the majority of my life. I know, and have always known, that I will be an actress, writer and artist in the film and television industry. But I also know that for whatever reason, this trip needs to happen. I can't explain it, but I know there's something in Peru with my name on it. And I can't wait to find out what it is.

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