Monday, November 29, 2010

Chewy Stars

Thrifted slip, cardigan, belt & jacket, found vintage purse, Grandpa's lt blue travel suitcase, hand-knitted scarf/blanket, Marc Jacobs daisy ring, DIY headpiece

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

So last Tuesday night I get off the plane at JFK and make my way to the arriving area to find my Dad. He called and told me he was by the baggage claim so I weave through the crowd to find him. Finally I spot a man in the distance, head cast downwards engrossed in something. I figured he'd gotten a new phone and was checking out the new features or something but it turns out he got a new digital camera that he's in love with.. and now looking at the pictures from it I can see why.

This was the best, most comfiest, smartest outfit decision I could have made for my 6 hour plane ride from LA to NY. This slip is so comfy, long, silky and sheer that i felt like I was wearing nothing at all in the best way. I wore knit leggings underneath so I wouldn't be cold on the East, but i think i might have to do that every time I wear it because it's so sheer. This cardigan and scarf/blanket (that my best friend knit for me) acted as my pillow and blankie and added wonderfully to the whole pastel effect. I loved looking like a care bear! Looking around at everyone else in the airport wearing dark neutral colors I wondered what they could be thinking about this misplaced mass of unicorn dust that blew through their reality for a moment...

I love dressing myself in my own little world.
Not for anyone else, not for fashion, not for cool,
but just for me
and all the little specks of glitter, love and unicorns in my world.


Monday, November 1, 2010


My school, CalArts, has a huge halloween party every year. These pictures were taken before the party really started so you can't see the madness, but it's insane and so much fun! Playboy even named it one of the Top 10 Halloween parties.

So in case you couldn't tell, I was a unicorn and my friend Saxon was Dont Ask Dont Tell..haha. I wore American Apparel leggings, DIY furry leg warmers, DIY sparkle bra, DIY horn...i had soo much fun making the costume- namely the boustier. So glittery!

Hope you had a good Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

High Waisted

I did a shoot for my friend's online zine a couple weeks ago.. it was a lot of fun. Here are some of the pics

above photos by Rafael Hernandez

last 2 by Federico Mata

I know i said i was really going to try to stay on top of this during the school year but to be honest, I just have so many other things to occupy my time with and enliven my heart that i can't seem to fit the blog in. I used to want to be able to profit off of my blog, but now i see that it's really just a fun pet project that i can occupy myself with when i'm bored so i can always have a creative outlet. I'm so grateful for this blog and all the posts i've done, i've had such a great time and look forward to future posts, shoots, and fun outfits!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Old Oak Tree

thrifted skirt, bikini top and bow, little boy's Converse shoes and Girl Props earrings

Yet another batch from the desert shoot..
Here's another example of my extremely schizophrenic styling. I found this wonderfully floral, perfectly fitting bikini top that I have been wearing a lot of lately. I paired it with Harem pants, a cropped blazer and high heel military boots the other day and someone told me I reminded them of Selena in her bustiers. Love that comparison- Selena is my girl!

I really enjoyed pairing it this time with this vintage high-waisted, acid wash jean skirt and these random army themed boy's boots I got a year ago. Along with the scarf bow and door knocker earrings I feel like it clashes so much that it almost doesn't work, but somehow it does. People always tell me that I can wear anything, but I really can't. It's all about having confidence and working it.

You can wear anyyything, just be fierce with it and no one can tell you otherwise!

Stay happy, peaceful and smiling. You're so blessed to be on this earth
in the comfort of your home. Don't take your life for granted.
We're all precious.


who can dress our asses off!

All my love

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Creepy Deepy Christian Bale

Photos by Ed Thomas

DIY Batman crop top and skirt from Goodwill, F21 earrings and glasses, Guess boots

I was feeling a little Bruce WAYNE.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

G-MA'S muu muu

what gnarly stiches, right?

Hey guys! Sorry it's been soo long.. I've been back in Cali for a couple weeks now but haven't had internet or time to do any more shoots! I moved apartments and just finished auditioning for the upcoming season..thankfully, I was able to do a shoot last week with the lovely Ed Thomas and here is the first set!

Vinage boots and modified muu muu from Grandma's closet

I found this dress the day before I left for LA in my Grandma's closet (where i find the BEST things). When i showed it to my dad in it's original state, he thought it was disgusting and had no idea why I picked it out.. Moments later after I cut and snipped to my hearts content he was astonished! I had actually taken a seemingly unattractive piece of clothing and made it wearable. I'm shocked he actually doubted me.

Thanks Ed for the fun time!

Monday, August 30, 2010

This is how we pack

Sorry for the lack of posts.

My life is currently filled with boxes...

At least this one looked pretty.

Disney, Dior, fur collars and spike studded accessories..

I like

Saturday, August 28, 2010


BDG striped top, vintage blazer, spandex shorts, vintage boots

BOY HOWDY - is it hot in California or what?
This is a photobooth picture I took when I was visiting my mother in RI.
We stayed in a hotel with the comfiest bed ever. I love hotels. And beds.

This outfit made me happy. The shorts are super short (duh) but the blazer gives it a
faux touch of class and the boots just make it bad ass..i never really think about my style unless
I'm writing about my outfits, but I'm glad I have this chance because I find it fascinating to realize the mix of blatant contradictions being played out each and every day.

I just realized that that's why I feel like I'm wearing a costume if I'm not being contradictory in my clothing.. like a completely sweet dress, sweet shoes and sweet hair bow wouldn't work.
It'd have to be a sweet girly dress, a ragged vintage purse, bad ass motorcycle or work boots, bling blinged jewelry and bed head hair. That's it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On my last day in NY, i went to an old favorite- Junior's- with my dad and sister.

Express top, grandma's blouse, vintage boots

I love this of my absolute vintage favorites.
I've been wearing the heck out of these boots, but i can't help it.. I adore them!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Diaper Genie

Photos by Harvey Wang

I got this amazing harem jumper the other day and I am so in love!
One of my close friends just spent a semester abroad and has one of these except its a deep royal purple..every time she wears it I throw a fit about how much i want one and one finally crossed my path! I got it in the Lower East Side at some store along 1st ave..I can't wait to go back, they have such great stuff.

Right now I'm in BWI airport on a lay over on my way back to LA la land.
I'm actually really kinda sad to leave NY.. I was just starting to sink my teeth into it..again.. but off to another fabulous school year. 3rd year let's do it!

Keep smiling

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Renovation Nation

♥ The mess behind me = renovation of 2 floors in our 4 story house... don't judge! ♥

BDG jeans, Marks and Spencer undershirt, found floral bathing suit top, pearl drop earrings from F21, custom made "Massive" necklace

Hey guys! Sorry I've been off my blogging game..It's my last week in Brooklyn before I go back to California and I've been traveling up and down the east coast saying good bye to people before I go out west. I did a shoot today though and have a few new posts lined up..can't wait to share them!

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Enjoy these last few weeks of precious summer!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I found these amazing shoes at the Shape of Lies,a vintage shop on the lower east side, for only 25 bucks.. Another shopper in the store asked me what size shoe I was and I told her I was a 6 and she immediately brought over these shoes and told me i had to try them on, and i'm so glad she did!!
Horn-rimmed sunglasses from SoHo
diy DKNY crop top, found floral bathing suit top, Abercrombie and Fitch cut off shorts
Photos by Harvey Wang

I took these photos a few days ago before I took a road trip to Baltimore. I really love this's so comfortable and casual but still fun and extravagant. I love these glasses, my Dad found them in SoHo and gave them to me! So perfect..

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heart Attack, Best Believe

Photos by Annatruus Bakker

Le Chateau polka dot jumpsuit from Park Slope flea market for 2 dollars, F21 strappy shoes

I'm back! Sorry for the extended vacation. I went on a week long meditation retreat that I go on every year at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. It was just as insightful and wonderful (though hard) as usual, but I'm glad to be back and post these pictures I took before I left.

How amazing is this jumpsuit? Not only was it two bucks, but it also fit's me without any hem adjustments and since I'm, 4'11" that's kind of a big deal.

Thanks for all of your comments and love.

Stay happy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I recently won a giveaway hosted by the lovely Elena of Fashion is Inspiration and these glasses are what I won! I've never really won things like this before, so it was so exciting to win AND get these fly pair of shades. They remind me of the Chanel shades that I've seen on Amber Rose..j'adore! Thanks Elena!

I'm going away for a week or so on a silent meditation retreat so I won't be posting, but know that you're all in my heart.

Have a wonderful week loves!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of course cool rhymes with fool

Photos by Anna

Zoa top, Guess boots, Urban Outfitters headband

I love this's so lightweight and airy and it was only 20 bucks at a sample sale! These shoes are new and I am so in love. I always wear heels and try to stomp all over the city in them, but honestly, they are not practical when you have to walk everywhere. I get away with it a lot more when I'm just walking from class to class on campus.

I hope you guys are enjoying the summer and staying cool! Thank you so much for all of your comment love! I really do appreciate it and read each one. If you ever have a question for me, please feel free to comment with it and I'll answer it in the next post or in a reciprocating comment. Don't forget to become my friend on Google Friend Connect!

Spread love, breathe, be happy!