Thursday, August 19, 2010

Renovation Nation

♥ The mess behind me = renovation of 2 floors in our 4 story house... don't judge! ♥

BDG jeans, Marks and Spencer undershirt, found floral bathing suit top, pearl drop earrings from F21, custom made "Massive" necklace

Hey guys! Sorry I've been off my blogging game..It's my last week in Brooklyn before I go back to California and I've been traveling up and down the east coast saying good bye to people before I go out west. I did a shoot today though and have a few new posts lined up..can't wait to share them!

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Enjoy these last few weeks of precious summer!


  1. So cute. I wish you'd come plan my outfits. I have no patience when I get dressed anymore.

  2. muchas gracias wapa¨!
    te sigo;)

  3. I love your tee, and the way you tied it! xx

  4. Nice pictures , lovely sugnlasses :)

  5. Cool floral bra. I've had my eye on one at Victoria's Secret for the past couple weeks but I have yet to purchase it.

  6. u look absolutely amazinnnnnnnnnnn!

    u rock!

    kiss dear!


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