Saturday, August 28, 2010


BDG striped top, vintage blazer, spandex shorts, vintage boots

BOY HOWDY - is it hot in California or what?
This is a photobooth picture I took when I was visiting my mother in RI.
We stayed in a hotel with the comfiest bed ever. I love hotels. And beds.

This outfit made me happy. The shorts are super short (duh) but the blazer gives it a
faux touch of class and the boots just make it bad ass..i never really think about my style unless
I'm writing about my outfits, but I'm glad I have this chance because I find it fascinating to realize the mix of blatant contradictions being played out each and every day.

I just realized that that's why I feel like I'm wearing a costume if I'm not being contradictory in my clothing.. like a completely sweet dress, sweet shoes and sweet hair bow wouldn't work.
It'd have to be a sweet girly dress, a ragged vintage purse, bad ass motorcycle or work boots, bling blinged jewelry and bed head hair. That's it.


  1. what you described is exactly what i do when i am putting outfits together. i feel like it just gives outfits a bit of an edge. great blog btw.

  2. your hair looks beautiful!

  3. nice BIG hair babe !!

    hope you've had a nice and relaxing weekend :)
    glistersandblisters dot com


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