Sunday, October 30, 2011

L.E. Fantz


Though I shout "HELLOOOO" I really don't think I have any consistent followers to talk to, but I'd rather send my words out in space to something or someone rather than just use this as a my personal style history book. So HELLLOOOO out there! I hope you enjoy roaming the interspace and stumbling upon whatever crosses your path. Isn't the internet amazing?

I  found this wonderful dress and goodwill the other day. I just saw the cut and cool print and grabbed it, but then when I tried it on i realized it had a million adorable elephants all over it! I have never been particularly drawn to elephants like some women I know are, but once I met these women who truly have a place in their hearts for this amazing animal I started to feel differently not only about elephants but about the women who adored them. Elephants and their women now have a special place in my heart. I also adore the cut of this dress. Spaghetti straps, super loose and flowly, material feels transparent but doesn't look it. It's the perfect kick around dress. It even came with a few gaping holes. Whoever owned it really loved it. 

I wore this last night to hang out with a few girls from my class. How nice. I'm adding this picture because I was proud of my make up job. This lip gloss is from my FAVORITE lip gloss combo from MAC. All the colors blend with my coloring so well.