Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Photographs by Harvey Wang
Cut-up Hanes beater, floral skirt from flea market, belt from Vouge Revisitved, boots(not pictured) vintage

This morning we went to breakfast at Tom's Restaurant which is soo good. It's in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn and it's a really fun, kitchy, homey. When you walk in the door they give you an orange slice while you wait for the table (there's almost always a line). Then the funniest thing happened, a childhood friend who I haven't seen in at least 15 years was there! That was a wonderful surprise. After we ate I met one of the women who helps run the place, Stella. She was so sweet.

This beloved skirt is from the almighty Hollywood High flea market (on Melrose and Fairfax). If you're in or ever visit L.A., you must go. Its' fucking HUGE and overflowing with great finds for cheapcheapcheap. This belt, i love so dearly, but I've been having the hardest time finding another outfit to put it with... Any suggestions?


Monday, June 29, 2009

Play to dream

Photographs by Harvey Wang
Long black Forever21 tank, green crushed velvet top found on the street modified by me, Dad's black socks, black urban outfitter shoes, faux gold and diamond ring from flea market on Melrose and Fairfax, lion ring passed down from my grandfather, feather ring from same flea market, bee ring from Forever21, elephant ring was a gift from a friend possibly from Urban Outfitters, two small diamond and saphire rings were gifts from Mom (click pictures for a larger view)

Dad and I walked the dog and ran some neighborhood errands this morning. It seems that the best times for Dad and I to go out and shoot are when he's going on errands that will be near "interesting locations." hmm...a little sketchy, but I think it's kinda funny, and convenient. I don't feel as guilty for taking up his precious time when I'm just tagging along with him on his "boring" day.

I found this top on the street in my neighborhood where they seriously do have the best free stuff. I'm always finding stuff I can keep as is or alter to make something fabulous. For a while I never thought I'd be able to wear this top since it's too short to be a dress, too long to be a shirt and kinda weird and shapeless, but it managed to find it's way into my wardrobe, thankfully. I love comfortable yet sexy clothing.

Banana-Fana Fo-Fairy

Saturday I went to FARM FEST!!! A "pyscodelic rock experience." But whatever. It was awesome. We chilled in the sunshine, played w/a soccer ball, danced, watched the stars, and slept in a tent. In the morning we stopped at Pretty Boy, the resevoir, to go swimming before going home. What a wonderful weekend! 

I wore a little red dress, lots of boobs, purple spandex shorts, Air Force1s, sequin hat, and big black sunglasses. The perfect costume for the day. If I find pictures, I'll def post them.

What really made the night was the super fly DJ Amanda Otto. She played retro, 60s, mod, motown-y music inbetween bands. Check her shit out here: http://garagepunk.ning.com/profile/DJAmandaOtto

While doing hood rat stuff w/my friends, I was thinking about paisley. Amanda Otto looked hot in a purple paisley tunic top, black spandex shorts, and black knee-high boots. When I was younger, I don't think I really understood paisley, thought it was too girly and busy. Now, I totally get why Janis Joplin and all those original hippy kids wore it: so they could trip the fuck out on it later!  Speaking of Janis Joplin, what a hot bitch, right?


Was meditating on another hot bitch, Yoko Ono.

Yoko Ono is a hair inspiration for me. I was thinking how if I had hair long enough to cover my tits, I would grow out a big bush too. Thats hot sexyness.

Have a trippy day!



I tried to take a picture of my outfit on my iPhone the other day, but the sky was too beautiful and wanted all of the attention. And i don't mind! Look how glorious! I took lots of pictures but I got a new phone and they got erased, except for this one which I e-mailed myself. I'll repeat this outfit later and do a real post about it.

I still can't get over that sky. A little bit after this was taken the sky turned all orange and everyone had a beautiful glow to them, it was wonderful. Just a little taste of the universe..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mary's edit:

Just wanted to comment on Sophia's last post. 

On the pictures: I'm wearing a wife beater-dress from Target in the first couple of photos. Elephant necklace from Cloud9. Bow in my hair cuz it's cool.

I love denim on denim. Jeans also from Target. Dirt from the park. Jacket from my mom, detail hand painted by me. Check the crown.

 The birthday party in Prospect Park was super fun. We made chocolate cupcakes in ice cream cones. Which is really easy and super cute. Fill greased muffin tin halfway w/cupcake batter, then stick the ice cream cone upside down in the batter. BAKE! We made pretty pink, purple, green, and orange icing. At the park, we all iced our own cupcakes. We decorated w/sprinkles, strawberries, and bananas. 

We had kinda planned on picking up serious decorations for the crowns, like glitter and rinestones and pipe cleaners and feathers and stuff. That never happened. Instead we had poster board, tape, markers, and scissors. Turns out that was all we really needed. Everyone made a beautiful crown, and they all looked really different and special. Mine says "HOT SEXYNESS."

Post weekend update coming soon.



These pictures are from my 19th birthday! It was a couple weeks ago..

Mary came up from Baltimore to visit and we made cupcakes and had a little picnic/party in the park. It was princess themes so we played Kiss the Frog, which is kinda like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and we made princess crowns.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pretty Please?

Photographs by Harvey Wang
Green vintage Versace dress from Fox and Fawn (40!), pre-loved brown boots,  faux gold bamboo door knockers (click pictures for detailed view).

These were at Fairway in Red Hook. We tried to take pictures inside but they had a strict no-pictures policy indoors so we were only able to capture that one by the deli counter. Too bad, that was a good location. BUT all we had to do was walk around behind the supermarket to see this lovely view of the water and the statue of liberty!

This is the other item I got from that great vintage shop in the L.E.S., Fox and Fawn, and I couldn't be more pleased with it.


Friday, June 26, 2009


I am extremely jealous of Sophia's photo connect. However, I am currently concocting plans to seduce a photographer. So forgive the wait, but get ready. In the meantime I'll post a collection of facebook pics.


Picked a Peck

High-waisted pants from Urban Outfitters, top was a gift that was stolen from my high school's costume shop, shoes from Forever21 (5 bucks), vintage bracelet

What a beautiful day this was. My dad and I decided to drive somewhere where there would be a more interesting background for us to take pictures and we found this wall in Red Hook.

I just got these pants a few weeks ago and they haven't gotten much wear yet but I'm excited to experiment with them and play around. The top is half of a set (it comes with a gorgeous long cha cha skirt) that my friend Anna gave to me for my birthday. I don't know if I could practically ever wear the top out since when I go down to buckle my shoes all of the closure buttons become undone, but maybe I'll modify it somehow. These 21 shoes are one of two pairs that only cost me 5 dollars and don't look it at all. I'm constantly getting questions about them, which again proves that you don't have to go broke to be bangin'.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rainy Daze

Thrifted Betsey Johnson dress (40 bucks!) from Fox and Fawn, Victorian-inspired suede boots from Fox and Fawn, star and moon earrings from Mud and Metal.

Yesterday I finally went to Fox and Fawn, a vintage/designer thrift shop in the Lower East Side. My friend Pearl went there last week and told me that I absolutely HAD to go, so I did. And boy was I pleased! I got three pieces there all for around 40 bucks each including the Betsy Johnson dress and suede boots I'm wearing in these pictures.  I also got a Versace dress for 40 bucks that fits me beautifully. 

Now let me be clear, I was never a label whore. I watched in awe as my sister got Fendi after Gucci after Fendi purses of all shapes and sizes and spent hundreds of dollars on clothes casually. I on the other had saved money like a mad woman ever since I started getting an allowance which gives me the delight of getting the occasional thrifted designer piece without going completely broke.  It takes a little effort to take a three dollar top and make it look like 25, but it's doable, and I'm living proof!

Annie, are you ok?

Blouse and skirt from Goodwill, braided belt and shoes from Urban Outfitters, Pan Am bag bought off the streets of NY for 5 dollars!

The weather in New York has been dreary and rainy since I've arrived last month. It makes me wear a lot of black, but I don't mind. This outfit is one of my poster children for Goodwill. I refuse to consistently spend 15 dollars or more on a top, which is why Goodwill is like heaven. Not all Goodwills are as decent as the one that I frequent while I'm at school in Valencia,CA, but if you drive to a neighborhood that's a bit wealthy the Goodwill will definitely have more fun stuff like the silky blouse I'm wearing. 

The bag is vintage, authentic Pan Am bag, one that I've been looking for since I was 15, and I got it for only 5 bucks. Unica home is selling reproductions of these bags for 54-82 dollars. Ha, I'll stick with mine thank you!

As you can see, my little sister Lela wanted to join in on the fun, and she's looking quite fashionable herself in her patent leather Mary Janes and Curious George raincoat.. take note!