Friday, June 26, 2009

Picked a Peck

High-waisted pants from Urban Outfitters, top was a gift that was stolen from my high school's costume shop, shoes from Forever21 (5 bucks), vintage bracelet

What a beautiful day this was. My dad and I decided to drive somewhere where there would be a more interesting background for us to take pictures and we found this wall in Red Hook.

I just got these pants a few weeks ago and they haven't gotten much wear yet but I'm excited to experiment with them and play around. The top is half of a set (it comes with a gorgeous long cha cha skirt) that my friend Anna gave to me for my birthday. I don't know if I could practically ever wear the top out since when I go down to buckle my shoes all of the closure buttons become undone, but maybe I'll modify it somehow. These 21 shoes are one of two pairs that only cost me 5 dollars and don't look it at all. I'm constantly getting questions about them, which again proves that you don't have to go broke to be bangin'.

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