Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annie, are you ok?

Blouse and skirt from Goodwill, braided belt and shoes from Urban Outfitters, Pan Am bag bought off the streets of NY for 5 dollars!

The weather in New York has been dreary and rainy since I've arrived last month. It makes me wear a lot of black, but I don't mind. This outfit is one of my poster children for Goodwill. I refuse to consistently spend 15 dollars or more on a top, which is why Goodwill is like heaven. Not all Goodwills are as decent as the one that I frequent while I'm at school in Valencia,CA, but if you drive to a neighborhood that's a bit wealthy the Goodwill will definitely have more fun stuff like the silky blouse I'm wearing. 

The bag is vintage, authentic Pan Am bag, one that I've been looking for since I was 15, and I got it for only 5 bucks. Unica home is selling reproductions of these bags for 54-82 dollars. Ha, I'll stick with mine thank you!

As you can see, my little sister Lela wanted to join in on the fun, and she's looking quite fashionable herself in her patent leather Mary Janes and Curious George raincoat.. take note!

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