Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mary's edit:

Just wanted to comment on Sophia's last post. 

On the pictures: I'm wearing a wife beater-dress from Target in the first couple of photos. Elephant necklace from Cloud9. Bow in my hair cuz it's cool.

I love denim on denim. Jeans also from Target. Dirt from the park. Jacket from my mom, detail hand painted by me. Check the crown.

 The birthday party in Prospect Park was super fun. We made chocolate cupcakes in ice cream cones. Which is really easy and super cute. Fill greased muffin tin halfway w/cupcake batter, then stick the ice cream cone upside down in the batter. BAKE! We made pretty pink, purple, green, and orange icing. At the park, we all iced our own cupcakes. We decorated w/sprinkles, strawberries, and bananas. 

We had kinda planned on picking up serious decorations for the crowns, like glitter and rinestones and pipe cleaners and feathers and stuff. That never happened. Instead we had poster board, tape, markers, and scissors. Turns out that was all we really needed. Everyone made a beautiful crown, and they all looked really different and special. Mine says "HOT SEXYNESS."

Post weekend update coming soon.


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