Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Photographs by Harvey Wang
Cut-up Hanes beater, floral skirt from flea market, belt from Vouge Revisitved, boots(not pictured) vintage

This morning we went to breakfast at Tom's Restaurant which is soo good. It's in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn and it's a really fun, kitchy, homey. When you walk in the door they give you an orange slice while you wait for the table (there's almost always a line). Then the funniest thing happened, a childhood friend who I haven't seen in at least 15 years was there! That was a wonderful surprise. After we ate I met one of the women who helps run the place, Stella. She was so sweet.

This beloved skirt is from the almighty Hollywood High flea market (on Melrose and Fairfax). If you're in or ever visit L.A., you must go. Its' fucking HUGE and overflowing with great finds for cheapcheapcheap. This belt, i love so dearly, but I've been having the hardest time finding another outfit to put it with... Any suggestions?



  1. Hey girly! You look fabulous! Exchange links?

  2. Hi, you wrote comment on my look on cictopia.com and gave adress of your blog. I can say, that I like these photos and you look very nice!

  3. wow i love this blog you guys have amazing style i read two fashioistas but whos is the other?
    who is who?
    maybe we can get more info on that?
    im following <3

  4. i love the belt and this outfit is so cool
    you know what maybe you can pair it with your black dress i saw on chictopia, it was long your wearing it with some cool ass booties,
    i dont know i think it will look cool or not ?hahhahah
    anyways girl

    awesome blog!!!!!


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