Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boy Named Sue

Photographs by Harvey Wang

Cielo jean shorts, goodwill silk slip top, vintage brown work boots

I love that New York is no longer crying all the time. Rain just makes me depressed. But now that it's switched over to sunshine, I forgot how sticky and humid it gets in New York. Icky..

This top I got at goodwill when I realized how sick I was of wearing tank tops and wife beaters. I'm always really hot for some reason and these tops are a great option. They have a delicate elegance to them, so much personality for one simple little top, so it meshes well in my wardrobe. It's comfortable and loose-fitting yet revealing and sexy. Since it's silk it doesn't hold on to your skin so it's draping is really dependent on the cut of the shirt/the modifications you make to it. I had to tie the straps together in the back in order for it to stay up this well.

These pictures were taken below the F train tracks in Brooklyn. We loved the shadows the tracks made.

A big thank you to all of the readers! We really appreciate your comments and love..


Mary has yet to make an outfit post because she has been extremely busy and doesn't live with a photographer like i do. She has a shoot scheduled for next week and you should be meeting her/her clothing very soon!

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  1. Love the delicate top with the bad ass bottom


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