Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Dirty Little Grin

My rhymes are painful and fresh
My pussy's tastin' the best
I'm face scratchin' weed snatchin'
If you're ready to step
Cuz I'm a throw down kinda bitch
I don't play around
See I cut the fuck up
And I knock the fuck down
Pussy pounders have got my back
They all over the place
You can't get it so you sweat it
We keep that shit laced
Two one five triple eight
We never slip it on the beat
Can't help it if we roll
We get the players in heat
My ghetto girls
Take it, take it grab your man up like a thief
My ghetto girls
Hate it, hate it grab your bitches on a leash
My ghetto girls
Shake it, shake it break it like a dime piece
My ghetto girls
Fake it, fake it if that dick ain't sweet
See I roll my Dutch thick
I can spit my verse quick
Don't trip on this philly shit
We keeping' it thick
We got the fly by on the hustle and grind
And if you get us at the right time
You get it from behind
In just Chanel pumps
I throw my legs up
And if you want it you can get it anytime you want
I'm the midnight dropper
I'm the body rockin' rocker
Workin' tight all night
Yo I'm never getting tired
Just a dirty little grin
When you digger dig it in
How the bitches think of this
When you stickin' it in
Track your system
When we sippin'
Thinkin' when we dippin'
Like you looks when I be drippin'
Think my shit is straight addictin'
Or in the bathroom break you off in the bed
Thigh squeezin' pussy teasin'
Cock rockin' your head
See I like my ass sassy
I keep my man happy
Cuz I ride like Kelly Bundy, yo I keep that shit, nasty.

You just met Amanda Blank.


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