Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fire in the Taco Bell

Cut up hanes tee, diy skirt (which used to be sweatpants from my old school), track jacket from Village Thrift in Baltimore, leg warmers bought off the street in SoHo, Adidas shoes from Australia '04 trip, sunglasses/visor from Goodwill

So, I'm back from my mini vacation! It was wonderful to leave NY, but i felt so horrible about neglecting our brand new blog baby..anyways, on to the clothing!

I've had the skirt, warmers and shoes since I was 14. One great thing about being small, you can fit all the clothes you bought since you were 12! I just realized that this whole outfit cost me like 20 bucks at most-oh to be young and have your parents buy you things..

I have a bunch of these Hanes tees that I just cut up and sew in different ways, and it's great! They don't fit as perfectly as the crop tops they sell at AA are, but fuck American Apparel! A pack of Hanes tees are 5 bucks and then you have 5 shirts that you can do whatever you want with! A crop top is not worth the 17 dollars they are selling it for. American Apparel really does annoy me, even though I'm a hypocrite for owning many of their pieces, but thats another topic for another day..



  1. Thank you, girls! Yes, I only shaved one side. It is very versatile and yes I can completely hide it! ( my mom loves that part, hah!) The only downside is that my hair is very thin and fine, so it is now ever Other than that I love it more than I first thought I would :]
    I'm lovin' the outfit! It is so retro and looks comfy and cute. OMG, I seriously agree with you on american apparel (I used to work there) and they are insane. I always buy hanes and cut them up too-so fun and fresh. anyways love the blog! xx Amy

  2. 90s baby look! so cool...i remember having a million of those colored gym suits when i was a kid...gosh brings back memories and yes we can trade links, thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. this set of pictures is so fun! and i love the jacket! and so true about aa its pisses me off!


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