Thursday, July 9, 2009

ces bottes sont faites pour marcher

DIY shirt, skirt from H&M, boots thrifted from AveAntiq, lost then found sunglasses.

Before sending Sophia back to NY we went to Wyman Park for some photos. Soph needed to collect sticks for an project, so we explored the "woods" with much success. Love urban parks!

The green shirt I'm wearing is an old gym shirt from middle school. (Shout out to heathen ex-Catholic school girls!) I cut it up and now it's super trendy. Love the shirt with the boots, which were only $20. A steal! I've worn them so much, and to be honest I'm really rough on my clothes. So the boots have holes above the heels now. How should I fix them? I'm thinking a patch or something. Can you spot my hair wrap? I feel so beach-y, so 15. Thanks to BFF#3, a.k.a Cory!! Cory also gave me the butterfly purse, which is 3D btw.

Sophia and I had the most fun in Bmore, and I'm already planning a trip to NY. Anyway, get off the interweb and get outside!!!!

Happy Summer!

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