Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can I buy a vowel?

because Oh My God.

I had an awesome/long/fucking busy weekend. Today's awesome-ness was due mostly in part to a photo shoot with my friend Mike. We had the most fun, and worked the most hard.

Yellow top from Target, glitter skirt was a gift, glasses from F21.

This hardcore necklace is from Oh! Said Rose, a now-defuct boutique I worked at in high school.

We shot outside the B(altimore)M(useum of)A(art). Friday, all the cool kids came out for Whartscape's free show, on the steps of the BMA. The even cooler kids did hoodrat shit across the street when they got bored. There was lots of music/young people on the steps of the museum. This art-y pavillion thing has been up for a while now, and yesterday they were selling food out of it. And I'm sure it provided some much needed shade to dehydrated hipsters.

This is my jean jacket! (via my mom!!!) AirForce1s, laces from playless.

Sophia gave me the unicorn and princess patches. The 3rd patch is a goose with a hat. I've been embroidering a lot at work, trying to think of new ways to use all the thread I have. Really love how it's coming along.

I made the tiger stencil for a roller skating show, then spray painted it on a bunch of stuff. It says "magic man." The glitter skirt was part of my costume.

This purse was a gift from my Aunt Lynn. She got it from somewhere exotic, but I can't really remember. I know that it's hand painted leather, it's lined with corduroy, and has a pocket with a zipper.

It may be worth noting that I did not wear this outfit to the show. Cory and I wore matching leopard print bikini tops and tight cotton skirts. Naturally. What are you wearing to your outdoor summer music event?!!!

In conclusion, I had a great weekend. But I'm the most tired. Sweet Dreams!


p.s. check out the photog, Mike Lee.


  1. Mary, you're the total package! I wish I could do shoots like this every day. Here's a set of some of the other pix


  2. awsome pictures love the skirt i want one like this!! cool post!!


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