Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cee and Dee

Photographs by Harvey Wang

DIY Isaac Mizrahi for Target shirt (which I got on the street for free!), American Apparel skirt, leather and chain earrings from Urban Outfitters (on sale for 5), vintage boots

Yesterday I helped my dad out in his office on the Lower East Side. I just organized his photographs and stuff, but it was pretty fun and pretty great to see a large portion on his work like that. Holding photographs that were printed in the darkroom is so different and more magical than holding one that a printer just spat out.

I am soo happy with this top. It's a really nice, light-weight material and it was the perfect candidate for my cut-out shoulders experiment. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Lately I've been finding so much free stuff it's ridiculous. When I got this shirt, I also found a blazer, dress, jacket, two shirts, a skirt, biker shorts and an amazing briefcase- SCORE! I also found a Chanel display on the street that I plan on taking with me to California. I should really do a shoot with it..

Who saw Harry Potter??



  1. oh i love this outfit on you!!
    very sexy!
    love the skirt!!!
    red look awesome on you.

    much love

  2. i love the top as well!! very cool and im guessing your dad is a phototgrapher lucky you!! and how come you get all this free things and i dont im goign to kidnap you and all your clothes!! love the boots as well!


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