Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Henry the VIII

Photographs by Harvey Wang

Modified skirt from Goodwill, DIY top made from American Apparel undies, Chanel chain, Hypnotic platform pumps
(click pictures to enlarge)

I think I first got the idea for this top when I saw some website making fun of a girl who was wearing a top like this. The majority of the users voted this top TRASHY. There are some pretty bad comments..

"It was redundant to mention this victim of inbreeding was pictured in front of a Walmart."

"this makes me sick. just being honest. I know this is just a joke but I can’t even look at it."

I just thought it looked fucking awesome and was so pleased to finally have found a way to actually wear these awesome undies I bought forever ago! Thanks!

And the chain! Mary and I were on lookbook and we saw that someone had a gold one with c-h-a-n-e-l dangling off of it and it was just SO CUTE. It made me want to take my baby out for a stroll. I really should give her some more air..


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