Saturday, July 4, 2009

Greetings from Baltimore!

Hey y'all. Sophia and I just had a wonderful 24 hours together when Soph came to visit me. Just to clarify, I'm Mary. I'm from and currently live in Baltimore, MD. Sophia and I went to high school together here in Charm City at Baltimore School for the Arts. Since then, we've been forced to live apart in various locations. blah blah bah. More juicy details about our futures to come.

Anyway... I live and work in a hotel. Sophia and I spent our time goofin in room 307, doing hoodrat shit, and giggling, as usual. Pictures to come! Last night we watched The Addams Family before falling asleep. How beautiful is Carolyn Jones/Morticia?!

Meagan Fox What??Who??

What now Lady Gaga??


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