Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Think I'll wait till half past 8

to dress myself divine.
denim shorts from DeBois, white/cork platforms F21

10:30 I'm in rags,
a slutty look,
accompanies my questionable gaze,
through the strobe light and the haze.

photos by Mike Lee

I found the white lingerie onesie two years ago in Boston. It was super inexpensive. It will always be super cheap. It has a built in bra and, of course, a thong. I have to be feeling brave to wear it out. The platforms require courage as well, but I love feeling tall. I feel like the shorts balance the underwear/heels-comb, lending a casual vibe. I'm wearing these shorts everywhere, a summer '09 staple. Got them at DeBois, a fantastic! textile/second-hand clothing store in Baltimore.  http://www.deboistextiles.com/
Got the ring from Beauty Island. a.k.a the Asian Beauty Supply Store. a.k.a. My Shit. Cost $3, an impulse buy while stocking up on Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (the only product I use on my hair) and black nail polish. I stole this belt from my sister, who matches her hair bow to her outfit everyday. I'm inspired.


lyrics from I'll Have To Dance With Cassie, by God Help The Girl. pretty pretty song.


  1. i love this i love the onesie!! i want to get myself one very much like this one! you look hot! love the shorts also good 09 staple!

  2. Hey Mary,
    Your bow looks totally AWSUM in these pix. luuuuv the blog, it's top of my bookmarks!!!

    --your favorite sister


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