Monday, November 29, 2010

Chewy Stars

Thrifted slip, cardigan, belt & jacket, found vintage purse, Grandpa's lt blue travel suitcase, hand-knitted scarf/blanket, Marc Jacobs daisy ring, DIY headpiece

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

So last Tuesday night I get off the plane at JFK and make my way to the arriving area to find my Dad. He called and told me he was by the baggage claim so I weave through the crowd to find him. Finally I spot a man in the distance, head cast downwards engrossed in something. I figured he'd gotten a new phone and was checking out the new features or something but it turns out he got a new digital camera that he's in love with.. and now looking at the pictures from it I can see why.

This was the best, most comfiest, smartest outfit decision I could have made for my 6 hour plane ride from LA to NY. This slip is so comfy, long, silky and sheer that i felt like I was wearing nothing at all in the best way. I wore knit leggings underneath so I wouldn't be cold on the East, but i think i might have to do that every time I wear it because it's so sheer. This cardigan and scarf/blanket (that my best friend knit for me) acted as my pillow and blankie and added wonderfully to the whole pastel effect. I loved looking like a care bear! Looking around at everyone else in the airport wearing dark neutral colors I wondered what they could be thinking about this misplaced mass of unicorn dust that blew through their reality for a moment...

I love dressing myself in my own little world.
Not for anyone else, not for fashion, not for cool,
but just for me
and all the little specks of glitter, love and unicorns in my world.



  1. You look FABULOUS babe, LOVING all of your jewellery :)


  2. Thank you, darling! I love the jewelry, especially the marc jacobs daisy ring! I've wanted one for so long!

    <3 amy elizabeth


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