Monday, January 7, 2013


Bus ride from La Paz to Quime

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After 5 hours, we finally arrive in Quime!

Very steep "blocks"

Marko- the owner of the Rancho Colibri Hostel

Marko in his Victoria Secret nightgown

The little town of Quime

We asked if there was a laundromat and they directed us to the river.

The last day in Quime we decided to take one of the nice hikes we'd heard about. 

Views over Quime

We took a food and yoga break. Then I saw this rock.

Then we came upon this little village where only 30 people lived. 

We stood outside the gate of this home, contemplating whether to ask to come in or not.

 Donna, my friend, got up the courage to ask and they welcomed us in with open arms.

 Making fresh bread


A broom made of leaves

This couple kindly informed us how the SUN WAS GOING OUT FOR 3 DAYS. 
Confirmed by the Pope.
They even bought a pamphlet.

On the way back we saw this boy playing with a wheel and stick, guiding it down the hill.

I showed him the pictures I took of him and the look on his face was priceless. So overjoyed and excited. I don't think he'd ever seen a picture of himself,  not on a camera at least.

Donkeys are so cute.

Condor, perhaps? Good omen.

After our short 2 day, 2 night stay in Quime, we left on the 2 AM bus to La Paz so we could make it to Copacabana in time for the last boat to Isla del Sol. We caught the tail end of a wedding party on our way to the bus and there were so many wasted Bolivians on the streets. In such a small and remote village with no bars, movies or anything, ya gotta let loose some way I suppose.

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