Sunday, February 20, 2011

WItchy Woman


I've heard quite a few times lately that I remind someone of Stevie Nicks.
I never intended to emulate her, but since the comparison's arisen I've been exploiting the inspiring icon's similarity to my heart's content- only because of the recent cold weather however.. My Stevie side mostly comes out in cold weather. Almost all of my layering clothing happens to be black and when the sun isn't shining and it becomes cold and bundle up time, black is the only thing in my closet that beckons me. I used to feel guilty about wearing all black. I felt some sort of obligation to all the colors of the rainbow.. but lately I've been psychedelically colorful whenever the sun decides to expose it's soul-brightening visage, so guilt need not appear when I daringly delve into the dark, dangerous, depths of the depth-deceptive dye . . .


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