Friday, April 22, 2011


DIY shredded leggings, motorcycle belt and lingire playsuit thing from Goodwill, cape-ish thing from Target, MAC lipstick (Pleaser boots not photographed)

I really love this outfit for so many reasons.. It's composed of so many ridiculous pieces that create this fabulous oxy-moronous mess. Lingrie + shredded tights + stripper shoes + harley davidson belt MADE OF METAL MOTORCYLES that was made for a XXXL man that's so big it fits around my waist twice = absolutely ridiculous and uttlerly Sophilosophical.

pink lips ♥


  1. very Madonna in the 80's, lingerie, jeans, ripped pants and jewelery! ;)

  2. lingerie playsuit is funnnnn i gotta get me one of those so i can play in it
    very cool outfit


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