Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Austin Showers

modified lace top and bra (goodwill), lace cravat (god knows where), white skirt from a clothing swap, white wrap (walmart)

I had so much fun today wearing this. I didn't do much of anything.. in fact i just went to school to finish a paper and go to a meeting, but i felt like such a fluffy lacey cream puff. I don't usually wear things with high collars because once upon a time i thought they didn't look good on me, but now i regret passing up an ADORABLE high collared dress from a friend at a clothing swap i went to this weekend.

Have you ever participated in a Naked Ladies Party? It's almost as exciting as it sounds.. it's when you get a bunch of your most fashionable friends and acquaintances together with all of your unwanted clothes, present each one at a time and whoever likes it gets to try it on and have it! If two people like the same item they both try it on and whoever it looks best on gets to have it (the rest of the girls act as the jury). Fun right!? I should've taken pictures, it was so epic how many clothes there were in my friends living room.. but there were also a bunch of naked ladies so they probably wouldn't have appreciated that too much..

Dress for the day, the day will respond.

my darling friend Saxon is a phenomenal singer/songwriter/musician. take a listen

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  1. That outfit turned out so awesome! Isn't it amazing how we change and grow with fashion...
    Naked ladies party... thanks for the idea... How fun is that.... I am going to put that out there to my friends..sounds like alot of fun..
    Take care!


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