Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scandal the Vandal

If you can't tell by the amount of pictures I've posted, I really like this outfit

My best outfits are born out of waking up late
Yes I still tried a couple things on before walking out the door, but as soon as I found a combination I liked I just ran with it. Quick accessorizing, no time to get self conscious about my ass hanging out the back and done. And I'm so glad I was stuck with this outfit all day. While the length of the shorts was slightly annoying because i DON'T think it's cute to see the bottom of ANYONES ass outside the beach, a porno or a rap video, the whole concept just made me so happy and leaves me feeling inspired.

It's so funny, whenever I attempt to emulate an icon I love, it never works.. I mean, no matter what I look off the chain, but an outfit only fully resonates with me when I meld it with my own vibe ( in this case, hi waisted booty shorts and sparkly wedges).

This outfit reminded me of Janis Joplin throughout the day and I kept seeing her wearing boas as hair extensions and huge round frames wailing on the stage, being the bad ass bitch that she was.
She's such an inspiration, but I would never walk around rockin' exactly what she did, because that's not me. And that's what I love about style, especially today. It's just a big collage that jumps across time. A persons outfit is a constellation, a map, that can trace back to so many places simultaneously. And that same type of constellation creates how you and I stand today- our personalities, ideas, creativity, how we live our lives.

We are just a walking constellation of everything that came before and that's to come.

2 days till b more. . . caaaaan yooooou diiiggg itttttt?

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