Friday, September 11, 2009

A Little Bit of Gaga Lately

I'll never stop loving her. It's not only her fearless style, it's her philosophy, her art, her process, her amazing creations and ideas. She's an inspriation. I've been watching her youtube channel trasmissions and it's great to see a more relaxed, personal side of her..she shares her views, beliefs and what she wants her fans to get from her music..and I'm only on 10 out of over 30. All i can say is..

You betta work!



  1. I love love her too ! Plus her amazing style never fails to surprise me :)

  2. shes so scandalous i love it!!!
    she s not boring at all, thats what i like about her!

  3. that cutout crop top is actually really amazing. i cant believe people hate on her, shes such a personality.

  4. I love this crazy bitch too.
    She has literally brought fashion back with a refreshed and edgy look.


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