Thursday, September 3, 2009

We'll be Going Zoom Zoom Zoom

all the way back to my hotel room..
DIYed vest, thrifted shorts, belt and scrunchie, AA lace bodysuit, Urban Outfitters boots, shoes from some shop in Australia.

We've been super busy lately and didn't have time to do a real shoot, but I took some pictures while I was waitin' for Mary to get ready to show you more goodies from the flea!

This was a little boys jacked I cut the sleeves off of. I've added more studs to this vest since these pics were taken and it looks a lot more glorious, but we're gonna have an official shoot next week and I'll wear it'll be able to see the official version. Shorts were a nice find at the flea as well, but I want the perfect fitting high waisted jean short..where shall i find this finery?



  1. Love the 'fit. I have a little boys jean jacket that I've been contemplating cutting into a vest and punking out.

  2. I so love that vest. I tried to find studs at the crafts store and couldn't. I want to do that to my shoes. Anyways good job on the vest!

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  4. i love the vest, the vest that i posted was a diy too, i think im gonna add more though, for a full efect hahhah.
    you look killer as always!!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE ur denim vest with the studs :)


  6. your tattoos are awesome!
    love your jean vest alot!!

  7. wow! looks amazing!! x

  8. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !

    And I love this whole vest you have on. Together with those studs,it's just beautiful :))

    Plus are all those your new tattoos ? I'm going to get one end year too. So excited !

    Adding you to my blogroll if you dont mind. Keep rockin'


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