Saturday, July 17, 2010

Her name was Lola..

How cute is she!?! As you can see, I kinda have a thing for celebrity kids and Lourdes is no exception. She's helping her mom, Madonna, design Material Girl which is Madonna's junior collection in collaboration with Macy's. She's funky, still a bit green, but stylistically maturing quite nicely. Some of her leg warmers + tights + stripes + color explosions remind me of me at 14. I wasn't always this stylish, haha.

I went shopping yesterday and got a whole bunch of FABULOUS rompers, dresses, tops and shoes. I'm doing a shoot with my friend Anna today and I can't wait to post and share it all with you guys!

Thanks for all of your comments and love!

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  1. Lourdes has gotten so big now, oh how time flies, and i can't wait to see your pictures chica, have a wonderful weekend :)), xoxo

  2. I think most of her outfits are really tacky and teeny bopperish. Not to say I won't be at Macy's at 10 am on August 3...

  3. she's is really very cute.
    I didn't know she was helping her mother, but anyway I'm sure the collection will be a success!


  4. LOVE IT
    you've got an inspirational blog
    please keep it coming, i'll definitely be back!
    thanks for sharing.


  5. she's very very cute and young.. and she have an awesome and different style.

  6. she has great style and im sure she will grow up to be as great as her mother!

  7. shes so badass :P
    love her style too.

  8. i LOVE her style and she is beautiful, great pictures!
    Lovely blog by the way;)

  9. i love these images, and her style sometimes : the black and white leggings are too much for me , but its so fun

  10. wow, yeah she's super stylish! how old is she. . . 14?! if she is, then we're the same age :) enjoy the weekend ♥

  11. I don't like everything she wears, but she does have style. LIke mother like daughter.

  12. really interesting posts, it a lovely blog!

  13. wow I love lourdes' effortlessness in wearing ties and waistcoats at her age!
    so cute xx

  14. She is so stylish,

    Olivia & Mariam.

    Kisses from France.

  15. i love her. ppl say I can look like hr sometimes lol ;) so young and great style already



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