Monday, July 19, 2010

A Family Affair

Yesterday my Mom came to town and my sister and I spent the day with her! All of us being in the same place at the same time is a very rare occasion these days, so we were all really thankful for the quality time. We went to brunch at AOC Bistro in Park Slope first..
Mom wearing Micheal Kors bag, tunic and turquoise & tiger's eye bracelet from Williamsburg street fair, Fendi shades

My sister, Sakira's wearing a Balenciaga moto bag, consignment shop shoes and Abercrombie and Fitch shorts

Manicures and pedicures!

I love these boots! I've wanted a pair for a while now, but seeing them on her all day is tipping me over the edge..
Zara shorts, Jessica Simpson sandals

After we got mani pedis we went to Brooklyn Charm in Williamsburg- by far the coolest place I've been to in a WHILE. We all made our own charm necklaces that have really significant meanings to us. It makes wearing jewelry so much more personal and meaningful. I think I'm going to start to look for the deep, personal parts of my apparel expression from now on and not focus on the the aesthetic appeal as much..but that's a train on a different track..

They also had a lot of pre made jewelry that was adorable and spectacular

Mom bought this one

Sakira and I designed the following necklaces
Charms on Sakira's necklace from left- anchor, pink flower, heart shaped key, crystal, rectangular whistle, chanis and skull
Charms on my necklace from left (some aren't visible in this picture)- spur, heart, crystal, rectangular whistle (functional!), wings, S heart, skull, draping chains

We had a really great day.. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!


  1. Cute outfits, love your sandals.SarahD:)

  2. Aw, that jewellery shop looks amazing, i want to go! Lovely shorts by the way!

  3. you ladies all look fabulous!! loving all those accessories!!

  4. I love the bunny necklace so much! Looks like a good day (:

  5. Wow. I love all that jewelry. Especially that really big necklace. So amazing.

    You both have really great style as well. Loving that white tunic, those fringe boots and the sailor shorts.

    Ps. Kensington Market is in downtown Toronto.

  6. you all have such excellent style!
    plus brooklyn charm looks ridiculously cool- i wish we had something like that in baltimore!

  7. WOW, you and your mom and sis are very stylish, and I love all the jewels that you all bought, so unique :)), thanks for sharing with us your fabulous sunday, XOOX

  8. i love the layered jewlery, fringe boots, and nautical skirt!

  9. thanks for your comment dear :) and i love your balenciaga.. please follow my blog if you like it.. thank you :)

  10. All three of you look beautiful!...and that jewelry store does look pretty amazing!

  11. Great outfits, nice photos. Great post:)

  12. It looks like you had an amazing day! I love the necklace you made!

  13. looks like fun! you three are all so stylish!

    stop by sometime

  14. aw thank you ma'am! you and your blog are just adorable :) xoxo

  15. wow, you and your Mom look beautiful! I bet guys are after you all the time when you are together :)
    love your zipper sandals! kisses

  16. these photos are so awesome
    wow that looks like such an awesome day
    the jewellery is so beautiful!!

  17. thanks a lot.
    love your zara shorts. i wanted some of them, but i hadn't that much luck... poor sarah^^

  18. wow!

    great post here!!!!!!

    love the combo boots-shorts!

    amazin jewellery!!!!!

    thanx for visitin!

    keep in touch!


  19. Love love love your jewelry pieces! They are stunning!!! So great that you guys all hang out together and have so much fun together. We do the same in our fam! Your blog is fantastic!!!
    Have a fab summer!
    xo The Beckerman Girls

  20. love the jewlery, awesome post!

  21. looks like you had a fun quality time :)
    adore the ring your mom picked out <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour

  22. What a good looking and stylish family!! you all look great. x

  23. omg i want ALL those jewelry pieces. amazing!!
    thanks for your lovely comment!
    come back soon and follow too <333 :D

  24. you both girls are gorgeous! love the outfits and the relaxed day..
    those accesories are amazing.

  25. great jewelery and i love your shorts! thanks for the comment on our blog :)

  26. GOD you look SOOOO CHIC !
    the yellow balenciaga looks "yum" to me !
    im loving all the gold jewelry !! esp the wing ringg !!

  27. It's great when you get to see family you haven't seen in a while. My parents have just gone to Greece so I won't be seeing them for four months!

    Looooving that jewellery, girl! x

  28. great post!
    thank you for your sweet comment...hope you will come back soon :) remember you can follow me on bloglovin' :)
    xoxo from rome

  29. You guys are all so beautiful and stylish, it must definitely run in the family! Great pictures, they put you in such a good mood!

  30. Oh! No conocía este blog, pero muchas gracias por pasarte por el mío... porque por lo que he visto en el tuyo, es genial... las fotos y tu estilo me encantan : )
    Suerte con el español y con el blog también! Aunque sé que no la necesitaras :) Un beso enorme! <3

  31. you two are a couple of hotties! love seeing some mom+daughter bonding. looks like you had fun!

    xx raez

  32. this is awesome!!!!!! great photos! looks like a very funnnnnn day! xx

  33. lovely pics. the jessica simpson sandals are hot


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