Monday, November 5, 2012


This past weekend was pretty fun. I actually socialized with people my own age, can you believe it!?
All the volunteers as Aldea Yanapay are young people with adventurous from all over the world. Thus far I've met people from France, Spain, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Holland, New York, Argentina, Germany and more. On Halloween we took the kids out for a parade and had a great time.

Yuri, founder and director, with some of the kids

Friday was dia de los muertos here and on my way to the restaurant that funds all these free programs for the usual Friday night Buffet, there was a parade type thing going on

Then to the restaurant!

Everyone started playing all kinda of drinking games, which I don't do, but it was super fun to watch! They played musical chairs and BANG! which is a theater game. So funny! If you got shot, you had to drink.. Then we went out dancing which was a super good time. 

The next day was a Halloween party that Yuri hyped up to the max. It's one of the only places in Cusco where gay men can be themselves. We met up at the restaurant before hand. I was some kind of flower/ garden.. just whipped up what I could find. Made the top that day.

Good times. Also, the rainy season has officially begun. It's really not that bad, but from what my iPhone told me, I was really worried.. At least it's not raining all day every day.. just for a few hours here and there.

Still getting trained to teach yoga starting next week. Going to read all the yoga philosophy books I can find. Though I know I'm not going to be a "real teacher," this opportunity could open up to me getting official training one day at an Ashram or something. You never know!

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