Tuesday, November 27, 2012


One of the absolute best things about Peru is how cheap the fresh, organic, local produce is. It is abundant and delicious.. Just today I got 3 bananas for 1 sol on the corner of the street where I live. Thats .39 US cents.. wowza, right? 

Interesting inside of a kiwi

Day's harvest

Mac and Cheese! US Classic Peruvian style.

I made a friend from Cusco named Ronald. On the roof of his building there are shards of bottles cemented into the border for protection. I thought it was pretty and innovative.

One great thing about my place is the gorgeous view in the mornings. And being able to cook for myself. I've been having bacon, eggs and bread with jam and coffee every morn. I love the ritual. But I'm gonna switch the bacon out for veggies soon... :(

Tuna melt and cucumbers.. On delicious bread that is so gourmet style but only 5 for 1 sol. 


View from a window where I was writing one day.

This week has been nice. Solidifying plans for a trip coming up. Writing a lot and getting inspired by the marvelous Frank Ocean. 

I tend to get obsessed with things I'm inspired by. A movie, a memoir, a painting, an album or another body of work.. but it always leads me to a person.  I become largely inspired by not just the minor artwork of one's physical creation, but the larger artwork of their existence on this earth. 

Their lifework.

 I've gone through this with many artists such at Jean-Michel Basquiat, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, Earnest Hemmingway, Woody Allen, Charles Burnett, Lady GaGa, Derek Cianfrance, John Lennon, Christopher "Alexander Supertramp" McCandless.... and now Frank Ocean. 

Welcome to the gang, we're all here!

Lately I've been noticing as I'm growing older and changing though not fully present through the shift since it's so unconscious how all of my experiences leave remnants that slightly change the mold of the person I am. Sometimes it may be barely noticeable, other times it might leave a huge imprint, but they're all metabolizing in me- creating assumptions I don't know I'm forming, opening my heart a little more, gaining courage, losing faith. Many don't see that every decision is leaving an imprint, creating a new person over time. Until the change has arrived, and you ask yourself "how did this happen?" or "wow, this is who i am?"

It's kind of amazing. And great to be aware of. So at least in the moments when I remember, I can choose. As best I can. That day. 

It's different from an "intentional shift" you make in your life. Because already there is a huge assumption or expectation. The changes that happen unintentionally based on impulsive decisions are the building blocks in shaping who you truly are rather than the idea of what you are. When acting from the idea of who you are, you make "PC" decisions so to speak. What you know to be acceptable and correct. And so, how do you marry the idea of who you are, perhaps the person you desire to grow into, with the reality?

Enjoying the work, not lusting after the rewards.

I love how in life the same rules apply for everything.. a lot of times.. Existence has so many analogies in itself so no matter who you are, on some level you might be able to understand. How cool?

Till next time . . .

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