Monday, December 3, 2012


Last Sunday all of the volunteers rented vespas and went on a mini tour outside of Cusco. We visited a bunch of tiny towns and it was relaxing and interesting. (Click Pictures to Enlarge)

Amazing how such a scenic change can happen in such a short distance. Gorgeous views everywhere. Lots of stops for authentic Chicharron, cuy and freshly baked bread. I witnessed the tail end of a funeral. The funeral goers marched the casket down the streets. It was raised above their heads and even doing spins in the air as a song was sung. What a beautiful sight. What a way to leave the world.

Chicharron Stop

Cuy Stop- guinea pig


Back in Cusco- on our way to Saqsaywaman aka Sexy Woman

Saqsaywaman ruins from afar


Cristo Blanco and ruins


This week I've been writing almost every day. I've also been nearing completion on my epic circle scarf that is now over 5 ft. With writing and knitting, I really love that I can spend time and energy working on them and when I'm done there's evidence of it. I'm used to having the work take place inside of me. I'm used to being the medium, the tool. It's nice to engage other tools. I'm working on things that I can step back from and figure out from a distance. It doesn't feel all mushed together. Everything isn't all touching inside of the machine like my thoughts and feelings are inside of me. The artist of the living experience. Actors.

Being creative has been wonderful, but it makes me miss my creative families and friends. The future and past are always romanticized, and now I see grand stories play out in my mind involving art parties, collaborative mind melding sessions, and creations. LA looks better on the internet.

All of these glorified lives on tumblr, romanticized promiscuity and drug use. This generation. Culture is so interesting. I'm excited to spend my life creating. Being around creative people. Where are the people that get high on art?

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