Friday, August 28, 2009

Figueroa, Figueroa

Mary: butterfly suit from Flea Market, yellow shirt from Target as skirt.
We loved our friend Erica's array of necklaces.

Sophia: Bathing suit and shorts from flea.

Last Sunday Mary and I hit up the flea market on Farifax and Melrose where we got some fabulous finds which we'll be sprinkling throughout the blog in the coming days. These fabulous bathing suits fit us so well (especically Mary) and were 5 dollars each. Loves it.

Then we went to the beach in Malibu with a few friends. It was glorious.



  1. That fleamarket on Fairfax is fantastic, i love it! they definitely have some amazing little treasures. That bathing suit is so unique and does fit perfectly... it was a steal! :)


  2. The swim suits are so so good! Amazing flea market find.

    x x x


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