Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shorty So Nice/I Don't Mean Polite

When I Say Nice/ I Mean Looking Right.

AA tank, shorts from Goodwill, spandex DIY shorts, scarf thrifted, necklace from Vogue Revisited, vintage bracelet and watch, shoes from Target.

A close-up of my tattoos. Got the roman numerals at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum. They represent two Tarot cards, The High Priestess and The Empress. I've been reading cards for several years. Tarot is my favorite reflection/relaxation tool. The cards are timeless. I often need a reminder of the universality of my life.

Together, the cards personify the female archetype. The High Priestess is a woman of mystery, of the unconscious, of psychic realms. She is power in stillness. The card reminds you to look beyond the obvious, to question what you see. The Empress symbolizes abundance, riches of the earth, Mother Nature. This card encourages one to celebrate the good stuff in life. I love these cards. One day I want to get the whole cards tattooed. One day...

Anyway, I got these shorts when I went to visit Sophia in Cali last April. Goodwills in rich neighborhoods always deliver fab finds. These shorts were knee length, but I promptly cut them. Now they're sooo short they require courage or short-shorts. I got the bracelet (with a matching ring) from a church Xmas bizarre. Can you see the panthers on it?! My grandma gave me the beautiful watch, passed down from a great great something.

photos by Mike Lee

Question and Celebrate


  1. omg. your tattoos are SWEEEET! i love subtle ones. perfection.


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