Monday, August 10, 2009

Purple Nurple

Caroline Little skirt from Goodwill, white shirt from Goodwill, Chanel ballet flats from '06.

All photos by Harvey Wang

Yesterday I went to the Aquarium with my Dad, Step-mom, Grandma and little sister. Afterwards we walked on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach and got dinner at Tatiana's, yum! There are such characters in Brighton Beach, as you can see. It's a mostly Russian neighborhood so there are often many fabulous older Russian ladies walking around with their crazy prints, insanely dyed hair and beautifully bodacious bellies. Next time I should really go around with a camera and take pictures of all of their amazingly tacky outfits for my inspiration folder.

This skirt was such a find from Goodwill. Just like Mary said, rich places have the best stuff at the charity stores and the town where my school is is just that. I love the pattern and the length and the fit..oh so much. I'm wearing my Chanel ballet flats, but you can't really see them. For those of you who don't know, they look like this
Another pair of shoes that doesn't get much wear, but that's because I've had them for like 3 years and they're kinda beat up, but I love them all the same.

This is my last week in New York! Then I'm off to Baltimore for a few days and then Mary and I are moving to California!! Hooray!


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  1. love the skirt.!
    your blog has some nice photos.
    i'll drop by again later..


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