Friday, August 7, 2009

I Just Wanna Do Hoodrat Stuff With My Friends

AA hi-waisted leggings, found baby's shirt, shoes from Go Jane, hat was a present, scrunchie from Avenue Antiques.

Yey!! I'm so happy to be back it's ridiculous. Silent meditation was fucking RAD and awesome and I'd love to elaborate on it if there's any interest, but this is not the time nor place (but if you do wanna know about it, please comment saying so). On to the clothes...

These leggings are my sisters that she left at my place. I never tried them on because my sister is so much skinnier than me and i guess I never thought they would look good on my body type..but they aint half-bad. I liked them so much that I went to American Apparel later on and picked up a pair, score! I also got a bunch of other cool stuff that I can't wait to divulge..i know i say I hate AA and I do, for more ethical reasons than I can't always afford it, but I can't help but lust after their finery. These shoesies are awesome and surprisingly has amazing deals but beware because not all of there stuff is made that well. 

I heart this vintage leopard scrunchie. Mary and I have been really hearting scrunchies but DESPISE AA for recreating them. Fuck that.

I want the REAL, AUTHENTIC scrunchies that are made for Midwestern mom's and Kelly KaPOWski. We even have plans to make our own which Im so excited for- it's super easy.

Lately I've been doing a whole bunch of shredding of shirts. I have an obsession with white t's/beaters and the shredding factory is just goin and goin! I'm currently working on a beater for Mary and I couldn't be more pleased. It's a great mindless activity and drasticly cheaper.

and finally..

boobies and butterflies,

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  1. love your blog ! you and your style looks great ;)
    i'll be back here for sure



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