Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Can Make Your Body Quiver, Can You Take a Little Pain?

Fixin' to move to Californ-I.A.

Packin' up my boxes, sendin' 'em far away.

I got my lunch packed up, shoes tied tight.

I hope I don't get in a fight.

All photographs by Harvey Wang

DIY shredded Banana Republic shirt, second hand belt, stolen socks from Dad, shoes and glasses from Urban Outfitters, belt from Goodwill, shorts from American Apparel.

Today I finished packing up my room at my Dad's place and sent a bunch of my clothes to California. Now I'm on the bus to Baltimore (go bolt bus!)to see kids from high school i haven't seen since i graduated, hang out with Mary and then we're off to L.A. Saturday! So exciting.

I really heart this shirt. It was my first shredding project, so if I were to do it now it would be a lot better in terms of placement and stuff, but whatevs, i like it. To all those who plan on shredding shirts, be warned- major stretchage! These shorts from AA are a gift from the divine mother herself. I've been searching for hi-waisted shorts all summer long, and last week I came across these beauties. So comfy and cute, just what i was lookin' for.

You like my faux-pig tails?
Hair's too short to actually get some substantial piggy-age in there.


look up Gaga's Fooled Me Again on youtube..she's such a bad ass.


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