Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've Seen So Much More

then you know now/ so don't tell me to shut my eyes.
Mary: swimwear from DUMBO, thrifted skirt, DIY Guess shoes. Cory: swimwear from Debois.

Been M.I.A. for a bit because I've been sooo busy doing hoodrat stuff with Cory, the lovely lady guest starring in this post. Last weekend, we went to Rehobeth Beach/Ocean City. We played in the sand + surf, rode some rides, ate salty food, and had a generally wonderful vacation. I wore this suit to the beach, have since decided it needs a bra and new elastic sewn in, but whatevs. It's too sexy not to wear, check the back. Got it at the flea market, DUMBO, in NY for only $10! And yes, that butterfly purse is 3D.

Yesterday we got some snowballs, a classic Baltimore treat, from The Hampden Food Market. This "grocery store" specializes in liquor, snowballs, and scrapple. Then we went to the playground in Roosevelt Park, where Cory and I both spent many summer days as children.

Home again... can't help but feel like
I'm not a girl/not yet a woman/all I need is time.



  1. fun post love the second to last picture very cool!! and what part of cali you guys moving too?

  2. woah you girls look great love the polkadot bikini


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